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Located at the crossroads of the Great Silk Road, Movarounnahr has long been known for its national products. The skill of local craftsmen of jewellery was in demand in the East and in the West. The value of craftsmanship of our jewelers is going up year by year.  It is our achievement, that the traditional style of jewelry making inherited from generations to generation, have been preserved to this day.

 It is important that, at the initiative of the head of our state, great attention is paid to this sector. The proposal to bring the Uzbek jewelry industry to the level of a large manufacturing industry was motivating news for our jewelers. Uzbekistan has significant reserves of gold and silver, which is an important factor in the production of jewelry. In this regard, in February 2018, the Association of Uzbekzargarsanoati was created to further develop the jewelry industry and support domestic manufacturers. The Association organizes the training of qualified personnel, studies the problems of jewelers and will make proposals to the industry, attract modern technologies using the benefits provided, simplify the mechanism for the purchase of raw materials, and create favorable conditions for export-import. The association will be engaged in the promotion of domestic products in our country and abroad. The clusters are opening in capital and other regions in order to create convenience to our jewelers. These clusters unite everything from production to sales. As a result of trade shows initiated by the Association of Uzbeksargarsanoati, our national jewelry is in great demand both in the domestic and foreign markets. The purpose of the association is to supply high quality and sought-after products to the world market under the Uzbek brand.


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